Fuori Salone

Milan Design Week - Fuori Salone

Website design, interaction design, content strategy


Sept 2023 - Oct 2023


Jasper Precilla
Samaila Newaz
Tristan Turisno
Hugo Duran


Contextual Research
Interaction Design
Interface Design
Product Strategy


"The adventure is, you'll never know what you find."

As part of Milan Design Week, Fuori Salone is an opportunity to explore areas of the city that are normally not open to the public, while designers from across the globe transform every nook and cranny of the city into a design exhibition. Boasting over 900 exhibits across dozens of districts, it is generally not expected that event-goers would be able to visit every single exhibit on display throughout the week. To many, this is the charm of the event - the sheer variety of exhibits means no two visitors are going to have the same trip.


Translating print to digital

In the weeks prior to this project, my team and I had created some hypothetical branding assets for the event. My team and I's challenge was to create a microsite that would capture and communicate this essence of Fuori Salone to both new visitors and locals of Milan alike.



It's your adventure

Because the Fuori Salone hosts a large number of exhibits, our biggest challenge was in scoping the amount of content that we would host in the microsite. Rather than putting the focus on individual exhibits, we opted for an approach that focuses on the districts, through tools such as quizzes, layouts, and custom-created content.


Fuorisalone Event Page

Alongside the user journey, the interactions of the Fuori Salone microsite roughly serve two purposes: Guiding onboarding, or guiding site exploration.


a. Preloader

Upon entering the site, users are given a brief introduction to the site then prompted to complete a quiz.

b. Quiz

The quiz connects each district to their respective themes, while personalizing the site experience to the audience. Results of the quiz inform the navigational order of the site.


a. Theme Introduction

Each page in the site is structured to show a summary of the theme, referenced from their respective press releases, as well as a list of exhibits, referenced from various sources, including fuorisalone.it. Followed by the statement is a brief description of the district and its relationship to design, meant to give the audience context before they visit the districts in-person.

b. Previews of Exhibits

If provided by districts in their PR packages, a highlighted selection of their exhibits will be included to view at the bottom of each page. Visitors may drag the gallery vertically or hover to view details of the selected exhibits.