Internship, UX/UI design

Full case study coming soon! In the meanwhile, you can read more about this platform on their website.


Aug 2022 - June 2023




User Interviews
User Journey Mapping
UX/UI Design


CareFlow is a patient-monitoring platform intended to assist clincians with at-home monitoring of COPD out-patients, by providing a timeline visualizer that would allow nurses and clinicians to monitor patient data which would include vitals, medicine intake, pain score, and others. Additionally, clinicians working on quality improvement projects would be able to flag, and leave notes on data points for further review.


Being involved in this project from its earlier stages, my primary responsibilites evolved as the project progressed.

FALL 2022

Product feature requirements & user flow development

Working with our project manager, I assisted in dissecting user interview answers from clinicians to identify key features of CareFlow. These would be documented to ensure that development and product teams were aligned on end goals for the platforms.


Interface design

My involvement in interface design included initial wireframing, to fine-tuning of colour palettes according to clinician input. In some case, I would fine-tune medicine labels to match the colours of syringes used in anasethetics labs to better assist identification for clinicians.

Product demos & stakeholder interviews

In refining the specifics of each key feature, conducting secondary research on industry standards for medical data visualization could only carry us so far. My supervisor and I conducted weekly interviews with our cheif medical officer, an anaesthesiologist at Surrey Memorial hospital, in order to verify that our interface designs were being driven by accurate data about clinical industry standards.